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Bolgatty - Hitech Unwired

A Dutch technology house & preferred e- R&D partner, addresses the modern needs of the hi-tech sector across Automotive, Energy and the Semiconductor markets through fresh engagement models.

Whether it’s a Feasibility Study or a Cloud Impact Analysis, a low-cost design center or a project, we provide technical consulting in domains such as Automotive infotainment, Semiconductor Development, Open Source Technologies, IOT & Cloud technologies.
We support your outsourced needs by setting up offshore and onsite technical teams with the right expertise to help execute challenging engagements with process driven, result oriented approach utilizing our experience in setting up and managing multi geo, hi-tech engagements for global customers.

This expertise stems from the leadership team’s experience & our expert consultants in designing complex systems from semiconductor to hardware to firmware to middleware, application and human machine interface.

Creating tangible business value by binding the right experts with technology enablers using measurable Processes.


Bolgatty understands that tangible business value can only be delivered effectively by binding the right experts with technology enablers using measurable Processes.

We work with you to solve your technology and people challenges through fresh engagement models.


Bolgatty enables you to create measurable engagements utilizing our technology leadership, technology enablers and processes.

Our Approach

We strive to create a unique customer experience through identifying the right technical consultants, technology blocks, and creating measurable, result oriented engagements, designed to scale.
The underlying approach is ‘We’ rather than ‘them’. We hire our consultants, choose our eco-system partners, the right technology blocks and manage the engagement like our own. Our flexible engagement models and process driven approach enables us to be easy to do business with’.

‘Always Lean & Agile ’ is in our DNA

We live and breathe agile. We believe in understanding the capability and aspirations of our workforce and adapting to the ever-changing needs of our customer.
Our engineers are part of knowledge communities. These communities focus on continuous learning. we offer training and actively participate in the Open Source community.

We strongly believe in knowledge sharing by working with Leagues and Guilds. The Leagues consist of people from different teams that share the same specialty. They actively share learnings and experiences and, most of all, their passion for technology. Guilds are groups of people with different specialties that focus on special topics or activities such as writing blogs or articles and defining best practices. Our technology radar functions as our technology ‘bible’ for current and new technologies in the domains in which we operate. We actively scout for new technology, quickly assess the potential, and plot this in our technology radar for further follow-up in the Leagues and Guilds.

Our Services

Rapidly changing market needs and priorities are challenging typical delivery models across industry segments.

We are combining global capabilities with local presence, and serving customers in multiple geolocations around the world.

Automotive system Design

Semiconductor Design Services

Energy Consulting

IOT & Cloud Product development studio