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With 85% of smartphones running on android, it’s no wonder that Android Automotive is becoming a platform of  choice for many OEMs to create modern Automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and a familiar mobility & user experience. Android Automotive platform enables automotive OEMs to accelerate time to market and deliver consumer-friendly user experience with a vast ecosystem of applications and services.

Our software engineering and FUSA experts help Automotive OEMs with adaptations, customization and integration to achieve full IVI functionality automotive grade android meeting functional safety and security parameters.  We leverage the team’s expertise across Android architecture, life cycle management and knowledge of available hardware platforms to deliver exceptional value. Our Agile based development methodologies, FUSA checklists and SW best practices help in achieving “First Time Right”

Teaming up industry experts & eco system partners to build class leading engagements

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A Strategic Priority for the Automotive Industry


We are passionate about helping Automotive companies in their transformation towards end-to-end sustainable mobility.

The Transformation:  Change is the only constant in the Automotive industry which is transforming itself at break neck speeds.

Automotive industry is undergoing a rapid transformation fueled by an increased demand for driverless technology, connectivity, user experience, stricter emission norms, faster time to market and changing perceptions of value. This has challenged the effectiveness of the traditional Tiered ecosystem for many automakers.

We offer ecosystem technology enablers and building expert teams to help our customers achieve faster time to market and offshore redundant and focus more on their core areas while we handle the rest.

Automotive system Design

Automotive challenges

In these challenging times, cloud connectivity unlocks new revenue streams for Automakers through paid services, over the air feature upgrades, data collection and analytics. This involves addition of field upgradable chipsets, connectivity, Security, higher processing power and software architecture.


We work with automotive development teams to support Car to cloud features.

80% of cars sold today feature touchscreens. Infotainment has emerged as a melting pot of interfaces integrated with the cloud, ADAS systems, comfort and convenience, and body control systems. Apart from this the car also serves as a media and social media hub.


 This has pushed the envelope of automakers and OEMS to increase processing power, connectivity demands, security and user experience and pushing the limits of current hardware & software architectures.


Bolgatty works together with automotive makers and OEMS to develop and design infotainment systems leveraging technology blocks and expertise.

Infrastructure and cost has been the biggest challenge to implement ADAS and V2X systems. Hardware requirement have included Radars, Lidars, Cameras and V2X communication. Depending on the ADAS level the processing requirements vary ranging from basic features such as Adaptive cruise control to fully automated driving.


Managing the complexity, cost and time to market to roll out these features into cars has pushed the needs for in-house development, rethinking of architecture, better semiconductor, better connectivity and cloud infrastructure, working with governmental bodies, functional safety and security.


Bolgatty works with automotive companies to support their testing needs and functional safety needs.

The move towards electric has been the biggest challenge both for the automotive industry. Developing energy-efficient drive trains, charging systems, battery management, solar energy harnessing, battery technology, and charging stations and their management has been challenging for traditional automakers moving from IC-engine based designs.


Many car makers are moving towards in-house development in some of these areas. Bolgatty can leverage our Analog semiconductor experts to support R&D needs in areas like motor-controllers, charging and battery management.