Our Services


How we help our customers?

We work with our customers to select the right open source architectures and incorporate continuous integration and continuous deployment practices. We also strive to increase adoption of the open source framework within the community and penetration into new customers to ensure continuous improvement. We also extend long term support for maintenance and feature enhancements as part of our continuous improvement philosophy.

  • Consulting: To understand customer problem statements and industry specificity to choose the right open source architectures and technologies.
  • Planning: Choose the right open source tech-stack
    Development: Get measurable benefits faster through Open Source solutions
  • Sustainance and support: Community Driven approach, Larger adoption , Continuous product improvement and maintenance support

Industry Offerings:

  • Enterprise /Retail : To create simpler and efficient Content Management Systems, ERP etc that are build to scale
  • Consumer/IOT/cloud technologies:To increase open source adoption from the device to the cloud
  • E-commerce:To drive exceptional business value and lower cost of ownership.

Opensource as service

Need for opensource

Open source is driving IT towards Innovation,improved operational efficiency and creating business value. All this with a lower total cost of ownership.Bolgatty sees a rising demand for reliable, cost effective open source solutions for mid and large corporate enterprises, e-commerce and the consumer space.